Valentine’s Day: No Date? No Worries!

Whether you’re single or taken , your  relationship status doesn’t have to be an excuse or reason for you not to celebrate this special day or occasion. Why dread being alone on Valentine’s Day when you can celebrate it with your family, friends, or even office mates? Forget about not receiving any flowers or chocolates from your special someone or from other guys because what matters most is you are with your loved ones (yes, I am referring once again to your family and friends) who have been there for you through thick and thin. So, don’t sulk just because you haven’t received a bouquet of flowers, a handful of love letters or a box of chocolates you’ve been expecting from your significant other or that no one asked you out for a date.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just all about going on romantic dates (with candle-lit tables and classy dinner for two people accompanied by romantic music) or watching movies, but also about having that special bonding moment with those you considered important in your life.

Who says that all the single ladies and gentleman can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day? He/she can! Everyone can! Why make a fuss about being single when you can just invite a friend over with you and spend time munching on those popcorns while watching DVD movies? Or you can even bond with your old school friends that you haven’t seen for a long time? Going out on an outing with your colleagues will do as well as this will help you enhance your socialization skills and getting to know them even more (not to mention getting that well-deserved break for you and your team’s effort and hard work). You can already consider these people as your date for this special month.

Again, Valentine’s Day is not  only just for couples but for single people as well.

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