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Hating your body? Think that it is imperfect? We all go through that phase wherein we aspire of having a physically perfect body.

Dysmorphilia, a debut full length production by Daloy Dance Company choreographed and directed by Ms. EA Torrado, consists of 13 scenes performed by each Daloy DC artists, either solo, duet, trio or group. Throughout this performance, one could see or learn the importance of loving his or her body and accepting its physical flaws. Let nothing, not even your body’s imperfections, hinder you from becoming a performer and shining out.

For this kind of production done, I could say that it took a lot of effort, rehearsing, and determination from the whole team to make this performance a successful one. Dancing is not merely just an art, but it is one’s way of expressing his or herself (even the emotions) as well.

There are no regrets whatsoever in going to PETA Theater Center just to see this performance done by the Daloy Dance Company members cause everything in it was worth watching for. Looking forward to watch more of their performance for the following days to come.

*Dysmorphilia came from two words, dysmorphia which means ‘disorder’ and philo which means strong affinity or love. Basically, it is to love our body no matter how imperfect we perceive it to be.

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