Food Review: KyoChon

Go Korean with the newest restaurant, KyoChon . This restaurant opened its first branch of store in the year 1991, specializing on chicken products. The philosophy or concept of Kyochon’s people which is right management, share management and customer-centered led the restaurant to grow more in its business and serve their customers as well as fulfilling their satisfaction by producing a high quality, specialized and unique taste of Korean chicken.

KyoChon now expands its branch worldwide (USA, China, and now in Philippines) , serving more products to its customers. Included in their menu are KyoChon Honey Series (KyoChon Honey Original and KyoChon Honey Combo), KyoChon Series (KyoChon Combo, KyoChon Original, KyoChon Drumsticks and KyoChon Wing), KyoChon Red Series (KyoChon Red Combo, KyoChon Red Original, KyoChon Red Stick and KyoChon Red Wing), KyoChon Fried Series and KyoChon SalSal Series (KyoChon SalSal Chicken, Soy SalSal, and Salad)

Trivial Fact: Lee Min Ho of Boys Over Flowers endorses KyoChon and is its ambassador as well.

Hungry for more? Visit KyoChon now and try their products!

KyoChon – SM Megamall

Address: Upper Ground Floor, SM Megamall Building B, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City


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