Audience Guesting at Talentadong Pinoy 2014 Season Finale

Yesterday’s trip to TV5 studio was entirely worth it. Not only was it our second time to have an audience guesting in this show but also, some of us were also given a chance to do another performance of our talent as well.

The show opened with a wonderful performance, featuring Hall of Famer ‘Yoyo Tricker’ and  the 7 contestants :  Lights  Color Production, Mystique , Crew Mechanics, Empoy and Entoy brothers, MadiBeats, Street Voice,  and Tazmania followed by the entrance of hosts Mr. Robin Padilla and his wife Mariel Rodriguez as well as host Ms. Kaye Brosas (substitute of Ms. Tuesday Vargas) and the talent scouts Ms. Antoinette Taus, Mr. Richard Gutierrez, Mr. Derek Ramsay, Ms. Gelli de Belen, and Mr. Arnel Ignacio.

Throughout the show, each contestant performed well , amazing the audience with their unique talents. What I admired in them the most was their passion and determination in what they do which was shown in their performance. One quality that I also admire is that no matter how many times they failed or have fallen, they still gathered up the strength to stand up and go on with their performance as if nothing happened. What matters most was the contestant’s belief that they can do it and their determination to win. As they say, winners never quit and quitters never win. Don’t give up just because you failed as this failure will become your stepping stone to success. If you really want to achieve in everything you do, think positively!

For me, each contestant is already a winner as they have given their best shot in their performance, especially Mystique and The Street Voice (whose voices blended in very well in their singing), as well as Lights Color Production.

As for who won the competition? Watch out for it this Saturday, October 4, 2014  on your television (TV5 channel) at 7 pm.

Photos taken :

A. Before the show

B. During the show

C. After the show


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