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What’s Your Dance Style?

So you love to dance..?

There are various types or styles of dance that people usually do or have like jazz, modern, contemporary, ballet, ballroom and more… Some people are more on, or should I say , have their own different style of dance.. . Most of them may even consider themselves to be more on either ballet or any kind of dance they find enjoying.

I consider myself to be more on the hip-hop style of dance and hip-hop dance has different styles too. Some hip-hop dance styles include: krumping (this dance move include jab, arm swings, chest pops, and stomps. This kind of hip-hop dance becomes even more popular nowadays among teenagers or other people) , harlem shake (this dance move originated during the 80s which became popular as well and this movement involves merely a creative convulsion of your body; some people call this movement a ‘drunken dance’ ) , jerkin (as the name says it, this movement involves ‘jerking’ wherein a dancer uses or shows a set of leg stretching), etc. 

  Some or most people consider dancing as their way of exercise and losing weight. And some also do this for expressing themselves and showcasing their talent. Even I do consider dancing as my way to lose weight and expressing myself , showing my ‘hyperactive’ side and expressing myself as well.

   There are some workshops for those aspiring dancers like Performing Arts (in AATA) , Big Shift (never tried enrolling in this one but I would love to) , and other workshops that offer dance classes here in Philippines. Learning about dance and its styles has never been this fun. If given the chance to enroll again in a workshop that offers something like this, I would definitely do so.

So what are you waiting for? Discover the ‘dancer’ in you and your dance style as well




Hip-Hop Dance Styles

Workshops to Enroll At


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