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Isn’t it nice when you’re getting hooked in studying a foreign language? Not just because you’re bored or something, but for the sake of becoming interested in it? There’s one website which you could visit when you want to study one or two foreign languages and that is Memrise.

Memrise has a lot of course (for foreign language) for you to choose from like English, Spanish, French, German, Portugese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, etc. Aside from this, they also do offer other courses like Arts and Literature, Math and Science, History and Geography and other courses you would want to take there, plus, it’s for free. You might be also having this type of exercise that would serve as a test or exam from time to time. There are a lot of courses to choose from in this website and you could take whatever course you want or feel like taking up.

From the title itself, Memrise helps learners memorize by creating mems or pictures and adding words with them. Either they could choose from the mems already created by other users or they could have their own that would help them remember everything they have learned.

In this website, you could also connect and socialize with other people and be friends with them, study something with them. You could also create your own course if you want to. By the way, you would have to create an account here and create your profile for you to start taking up one of the courses offered by the site or community.

Courses Offered in Memrise:


Arts and Literature

Maths and Sciences

History and Geography

Professional and Careers

There are a lot more courses offered in this website.


Rise of the Loom Bands

Gone were the days where you would see people using nylon strings to make friendship bracelets… those were the old days where some students in school-whether elementary or high school would wear those types of bracelets out of the nylon material. It has become every students’ addiction of making friendship bracelets out of this kind of material.

Nylon strings were soon replaced by paracord string in making bracelets and you could choose which style of bracelet you want (e.g. basic braid, double braid, cobra, fishtail, or any other style you want), also.. you could choose the color of strings you want (even your universities’ color if you’re an Ateneo Blue Eagle, La Salle Green Archers, UP Maroon or UST Growling Tigers). You could also just buy some paracord strings from the store nearby your house, with some buckle and create your own bracelet. These are being sold at P150 each.

Now enter the loom bands, which is now a craze among teenagers and adults. You could also some of those loom band kits being sold at some stalls in the ‘divisoria’ , even in malls and almost everywhere. Loom bands are colorful rubber bands weaved into a bracelets and charms. Loom band kits contain numerous colorful rubber bands, a metal hook or what we call the crochet hook, and some other things used to make it into a bracelet.

They are invented in the year 2011 by Cheong Choon Ng, who is a Malaysian immigrant who went to United States to attend Wichita State University, graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering course. This ‘loom band’ idea entered his mind when he was watching his daughters making some jewelry out of rubber bands. Like the paracord bracelet, loom bands also have different style (some of them though are quite similar with that of the styles of making paracord bracelet like the fishtail.) The styles of making loom band bracelets are fishtail , multi-row, starburst, etc.)

Fun as they may be, people have been warned of the dangers it might pose on the kids, as well as for those who own pets inside their house as it may contain dangerous chemical. There’s nothing wrong with creating loom bands, just be careful and keep them out of reach of kids and pets.


Knowing Your Personality Type

Are you more of a Type A, Type B, Type AB or type O personality? (Also, Type A, B , C or D personality and more of it.)

Some people get really curious with what their personality types are, even me. That’s why I’ve decided to research to determine what type of personality I do have. There may be times that people may have one or both personality types.

In one of the sources I have found, which article is titled: “Type A Personality” written by Saul McLeod, people with type A personality are said to be: 1) very competitive or self-critical wherein they do strive towards their goal but they don’t feel any sense of enjoyment in their every effort or accomplishment; 2) they are in a constant sense of urgency like they don’t consider tardiness or being late as an option and get very impatient when the work gets delayed and time is being wasted, they get tight with schedules , do multi-tasking and 3) they tend to get easily angry and arouse to hostility (without obviously showing it).

As against type A personality, people with Type B personality tend to be more relaxed, do one thing at a time, and they express how they really feel.

This test was conducted by Friedmann & Rosenman who are both cardiologists wherein they found out that people who are of Type A are more at risk for stress-related illness like heart disease and high blood pressure than are those people with Type B.

In another article I’ve researched, entitled “Understanding the 4 Personality Types” , here are the comparison and contrasts of people with personality type A, B, C and D.

People with Type A personality like to take charge and control over everything. They dislike, or should I say, hate the thought of being restrained or restricted. They would rather want to work independently and have their own schedule. People with this type of personality get bored with repetitive work instead of enjoying it and they are more likely to be in a supervisory position and management work. They also do have the possibility of owning a business.

People with Type B personality, on the other hand, are said or known to be extroverts, full of energy, and a fast paced individual with a love for being around people and gaining attention, moreover, they build good relationships and are easily liked by other people around them. The downside, however, is that they tend to become self-centered and full of themselves

In another research I have done, the article was titled “Understanding the 4 Personality Types” , these are the ones I have learned.

Personality Type A: Like to take charge or control over everything, not very detail-oriented but rather goal-oriented, don’t like being restrained or restricted but rather prefer working independently and setting their own schedules, tend to become workaholic, impatient at times, mostly like to be in a supervisory position or management work or even own a business someday, easily gets bored with repetitive tasks

Personality Type B: An extrovert, has a lot of energy and works fast. An individual with this personality type likes to be around everyone and be the center of their attention. The downside is, they tend to become self-centered which some people may find very unpleasant. They are known to be good relationship builders and are liked by everyone. They fear public humiliation and disapproval from everyone. Strengths of a person with Type B include enthusiasm, their outgoing behavior, friendliness, and ability to persuade other people (yes, even the skeptical ones) while their weaknesses include impatience, having a relatively short attention span, tend to spend time for more social interaction than they do for work.

Personality type C: a very detail-oriented person with a love for accuracy, rationality and logic. A person or individual with this type of personality dislikes people who lack control over their emotions and believe that being too much expressive or displaying a lot of emotions becomes a distraction or difficulty of being objective, nor do they also like people who would only present facts rather than the accuracy and logic. The downside of a person with type C personality is that he or she tends to become controlling, both himself or herself and that of other people around. People with this personality type are more likely to become accountants and lawyers.

Personality type D: People with this personality type are more likely to take things slow and one at a time. They seek security and longevity on their job, as well as reassurance from other people around them. They prefer doing repetitive tasks and are resistant to changes. People who are of this personality also seek sincere admiration, acceptance and respect from other people and are willing to work hard for those who appreciate them for their every effort. They are also known for being organized and are good at playing supportive roles to their colleagues/co-workers and show care, thoughtfulness and compassion. These are the ones who would patiently listen to your concerns and persevere even though those around them are on the verge of giving up or already have given up. Moreover, people with a type D personality are more likely to conceal their true feelings and less expressive.

In the last article I’ve read in my research, entitled “Blood Type Reveals Personality” from in5d Alternative News, our blood type reveals our personalities (even the bright and dark aspects). It also tells of our compatibility with that of the other blood types.

Blood Type A bright side/best traits: conservative, reserved, introverted, patient and punctual; dark side/worst traits: obsessive, stubborn, self-conscious and uptight

Compatibility: Type A and AB

Blood Type B bright side/best traits: creative, passionate, animal-loving, optimistic, flexible, and individualistic; dark side/worst traits: forgetful, irresponsible and self-centered

Compatibility: Type B and AB

Blood Type AB bright side/best traits: cool, controlled, introverted, and empathic; dark side/worst traits: aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving

Compatibility: Type AB, B, A and O

Blood Type O bright side/best traits: ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident; dark side/worst traits: arrogant, vain, insensitive and ruthless

Compatibility: Type O and AB

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Mall Hopping and Dinner

July 5, 2014

I went out with my sister (the other one) again and accompanied her for her appointment — the same salon where my eldest sister had her hair fixed just last Thursday, July 3, 2014. We had an early lunch here at home then left at 11:30 am just to make sure we arrive there on time. But before that, I made sure I washed the dishes and double checked everything before we left like the rooms are being sprayed and that the electrical appliances (even the Internet) is turned off.

We rode the bus heading to Robinson’s Galleria then went directly to the salon for my sister’s hair-rebond session. So as not to be bored while my sister is having her new hairdo being done, I strolled around the mall again the whole noon, stopping by at every boutique stores I find but not spending any money of course. I also thought of dropping by at a bookstore , being a bookworm that I am, I read some books every now and then (including the guide about Paris, France – the country that I dream of visiting someday or somehow). After some minutes of reading, I left the bookstore and went strolling around again before heading back to the salon where my sister is.

As soon as I got there, my sister was already having her hair straightened out with a ceramic iron and some color treatment applied on her hair. She let me play some games with her gadget for the meantime so as not to be bored while waiting. What I enjoyed the most while staying there was that one of the staffs offered a cold drink to me to refresh or enjoy myself. I enjoyed seeing the facilities there inside the salon which is rather really big.

Soon after 3 or 4 hours of waiting, my sister was finally done and paid for the service being done, then we stayed and hanged out at Serenitea to refresh ourselves again. I had Chaffe Mocha Milk Tea (the one with ice cream) and hashbrown while my sister had Wintermelon Milk Tea and hasbrown as her snack as well- her treat, by the way.

Before we left Robinson’s Galleria, I reminded my sister to have the key duplicated (being asked by mother) , dropped by The Podium to buy something that our sister asked us to then went ahead to SM Megamall where we met our eldest sister and nephew. We ate at KyoChon (a Korean fastfood restaurant). I and my elder sister ordered Garlic Butter Rice – this already served as our dinner.

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A Time With My Sister

Earlier this morning, I went out with my sister and accompanied her in having her hair makeover at the salon located inside the mall. I wore this as my outfit of the day: white shirt, black leggings, vest from Folded and Hung and black fitflops. Wearing vest is my fashion statement.

Upon our arrival at Robinson’s Galleria, we headed straight first to Starbucks where we stayed for the meantime since the mall is still closed. I had mocha frap while my sister had chocolate banana frap and French toast, which we just shared.

Exactly when we were already done with our food, we went inside the mall and headed to the salon (Envy Me) where my sister was scheduled an appointment for her hair rebond- the rebond thing started at 10:30 am .. after some hours of watching the hairstylist adding some treatment to her hair, I was starting to get a bit bored and sleepy so I decided to read a magazine then go outside and stroll around the mall for a bit. I happened to pass by at this store – Y.R.Y.S (Your Rule Your Style and something just caught my attention – a floral crown. I decided to buy one since I feel that I might be needing this for our practice for the taping/guesting in one of the shows– this song was the one we, the AATA Teen Girls, sang during the recital.

After buying a head accessory and continuing to stroll by some boutique stores and book store as well, I went back to the salon to check if my sister was half-way done. This time, a hair-color treatment is being applied by the stylist. She just gave me some money to go buy some snacks for us.. so I went out again of the salon and went down all the way to a milk tea store that sells food as well — Serenitea.

I ordered hash-brown and chicken chops, as well as Honey Lemon Tea for me. I took another photo of the venue and myself while waiting for the drink and food to be served. The barista there approached me and told me that hash-brown is unfortunately unavailable as of the moment, so I ordered chicken chops for me as well and added payment for that. The Honey Lemon Tea was the first one that was served… so I took a picture of myself holding the Honey Lemon Tea that I ordered (it’s like I am endorsing their product or something). At long last, the foods were already being served so I went back once again to the salon to give the other food to my sister, who was already hungry as well as I am.

The hair rebond lasted for like 5 hours– I was getting quite bored and sleepy again that time doing nothing there at the salon so I keep on going out and strolling around the mall going window shopping and not spending anymore money for the day. I just did it to amuse myself than be stuck at a certain place without anything much to do.


Song Analysis of “Do You Hear The People Sing?” from Les Miserables

As the title says itself, “Do You Hear The People Sing?” , this song expresses every man’s right to fight for freedom, especially from the clutch of slavery. This holds true as well here in the Philippines, where every man fights for freedom against the corrupt practices and inequality or injustices shown upon the people.

This analysis of the song from the musical play Les Miserables, will be line-by-line or stanza.

‘Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again!’

As citizens of our own country, let this be our nation song as well as we fight against the injustices/inequality shown here in Philippines with it being our ‘Patria’ . Just like how the people/citizens of France fought for their country and their freedom, so should we. We are not to let ourselves become slaves to the tyranny of the government. We are those angry men crying out for freedom and equality and for the betterment of our country.

‘When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!’

Our unity with our fellow men matters, especially when taking a stand. When our heart beats with those of our fellow people, we unite to fight for a better life that we yearn or long to see.

‘Will you join in our crusade
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see?
Then join in the fight that will give you the right to be free!’

The question here is: Are we willing to take the stand to fight for freedom? Are we even willing to take a risk? Will there be a life at the barricade that we long to see after we face death? Then we join in this fight that will set us free from the government’s tyranny towards us and our fellow citizens. We don’t wait for forever.

‘Will you give all you can give
So that our banner may advance?
Some will fall and some will live
Will you stand up and take your chance?
The blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of France!’

Just as the line goes, how much are we willing to give or sacrifice? And raise the flag of freedom high enough? There are some who will fight to death while some would survive the battle. How brave and strong are we to stand up and risk our lives for the sake of our country? Are we even willing to become martyrs and die for what we believe in and be remembered by other people?


It’s Les Mis all over again!

Calling out all Les Mis fans out there.. especially that..of the broadway musical version, Here’s another chance for you to watch the musical play , which is showing this year 2014.

Les Miserables on Broadway stars Ramin Karimloo as Jean Valjean/Monsieur Madeleine or Monsieur Fauchelevent, Will Swenson as the Inspector Javert, Caissie Levy as Fantine, Samantha Hill as Cosette, Nikki James as Eponine, Andy Mientus as Marius , Kyle Scatliffe as Enjolras and a lot more casts .

Being a fan of Les Miserables myself, I would want to watch this badly (live, of course, not just on television or youtube video) since I am also a fan of musical plays . I wish they could have it here also in the Philippines.

I could say that Les Miserables is one of my most favorite literature written by Victor Hugo.

Watching the movie version of Victor Hugo’s works made me long or yearn for watching the stage play of the musical itself. The song or songs that strike me the most everytime I would watch Les Miserables are these: “Do You Hear The People Sing?” and “One Day More” and “Red and Black” – my favorite songs as well.

The song “Do You Hear The People Sing” talks about freedom from the injustice and inequality of the government shown to the poor people living in France, this took place during the 1800s. The chorus ‘Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again!” evidently shows or expresses the people’s fury against the slavery brought unto them by the French monarchy. For the song ‘One Day More’ , the people of France imagine what it would be like , longing for that one day to come that they would be given freedom from all the hellish experience they are having during the reign of King Louis XVIII. The line from this song that strike me the most was ‘One more day before the storm! At the barricades of freedom! When our ranks begin to form. Will you take your place with me?” .

And as for the last, which is “Red and Black” , Enjolras was talking about the situation that changes almost everyday in France and deciding to take a stand rather than wasting time doing idle things. My favorite parts of the song there were the lines that Enjolras sang like the chorus part where it describes the colors Red and black – “Red, the blood of angry men! Black the dark of ages past, Red ..a world about to dawn.. black , the night that ends at last!”

The color ‘Red’ symbolizes the blood of angry men or the martyrs fighting for freedom against the injustices and inequality; so does it describe what the world would be like and the start of a new life. While the color black represents the kind of life that those citizens of France had under the reign of King Louis XVIII. It also represents the end of darkness where people would live again seeing the light and enjoy the freedom they yearn for.

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What’s Your Dance Style?

So you love to dance..?

There are various types or styles of dance that people usually do or have like jazz, modern, contemporary, ballet, ballroom and more… Some people are more on, or should I say , have their own different style of dance.. . Most of them may even consider themselves to be more on either ballet or any kind of dance they find enjoying.

I consider myself to be more on the hip-hop style of dance and hip-hop dance has different styles too. Some hip-hop dance styles include: krumping (this dance move include jab, arm swings, chest pops, and stomps. This kind of hip-hop dance becomes even more popular nowadays among teenagers or other people) , harlem shake (this dance move originated during the 80s which became popular as well and this movement involves merely a creative convulsion of your body; some people call this movement a ‘drunken dance’ ) , jerkin (as the name says it, this movement involves ‘jerking’ wherein a dancer uses or shows a set of leg stretching), etc. 

  Some or most people consider dancing as their way of exercise and losing weight. And some also do this for expressing themselves and showcasing their talent. Even I do consider dancing as my way to lose weight and expressing myself , showing my ‘hyperactive’ side and expressing myself as well.

   There are some workshops for those aspiring dancers like Performing Arts (in AATA) , Big Shift (never tried enrolling in this one but I would love to) , and other workshops that offer dance classes here in Philippines. Learning about dance and its styles has never been this fun. If given the chance to enroll again in a workshop that offers something like this, I would definitely do so.

So what are you waiting for? Discover the ‘dancer’ in you and your dance style as well




Hip-Hop Dance Styles

Workshops to Enroll At