Talk About Milk Tea

Rain or shine, people just can’t get enough of milk tea…  we could see most of them buying those drinks everywhere and hanging out at several stores (e.g. Serenitea, Infinitea, Chatime, etc.) during their break from work or school. It’s just fun to drink milk tea, especially when you feel like you need to take a break from all those stressful homework (if you’re still a student) or from those loads of paper work piling up on your desk (if you’re already working), waiting for you to finish them.

   I consider myself to be a great fan and lover of milk tea , whatever brand it is.. just as long as it’s milk tea. It’s my way of taking a break from anything that I find stressful or nerve-wrecking. Milk tea has been one of my favorite drink aside from coffee and other beverages (well, except for liquor of course) .  Hanging out at any milk tea stores is also my favorite way of bonding with my school friends way back during my college years up until now , especially when going out shopping at the malls.

     For milk tea lovers like me , lots of milk tea stores like Dakasi or Mang Cha-a , have been opening at any malls, waiting for you to visit them and try out their drinks and other specialties (food, etc.) . What’s more enjoying when hanging out at a milk tea store is their environment-friendly setting like in Serenitea where you’ll enjoy sitting in their cozy chairs and look at their wall designs.


Here are some photos of each milk tea brands and products being sold.



Mang Cha-a


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