Song Analysis of “Perfect” by Pink

Everyone has its own experience of being mistreated or being misunderstood by most people and misjudged for who he or she really is… why do they judge other people ?well, maybe because they do have a reason .. sometimes, we need to do a little reflection on ourselves as well, like ask ourselves these questions: “What causes these people to judge us? Is it the way we act, talk or dress up?” , “Am I respecting and loving myself?” , and “Do I degrade, say or think negatively about myself too?” If the answer to most of the questions is yes, then maybe it’s time that we need to change ourselves for the better. It’s not because we wanted to be perfectly beautiful, but it’s because we wanted to be loved for who we are. If we wanted to be loved, then we should love ourselves first..


We get this kind of treatment at times from other people — whether at school, at work, or even our own home…. what hurts the most is that some of us try to fit in or do what other people are doing even if it means getting ourselves into trouble…just to be accepted by them and if they don’t , we feel bad about it. Sadly, most teenagers who get this kind of treatment end up hating themselves just because they don’t feel accepted by a certain group of people, worst is.. they commit suicide because they feel or believe that their lives are no longer worth living. We are not responsible for other people’s actions or treatment towards us but rather we are responsible for our own actions. No matter what we do or how we act cool, we cannot please other people and that’s a fact we must accept.


Judgments, harsh criticisms.. negative comments.. we hear them a lot, most especially from people who we think hate us. You could hear those people making snide remarks behind your back….we even get judged for the way we act, the way we look or dress up, and the way we talk. We may think to ourselves: “Who do they think they are to critic us? Who do they think they are to say bad things about us?” but before we think about those things, let’s ask ourselves as well: “are we acting the way we should act? are we dressing up properly and talking properly?


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