A Movie Review: Maleficent

Watching this film made me realize: How can a villain become a hero at the same time? And how can someone who put a curse on you become your true love? Can it be possible for a curse to be undone by someone who himself/herself just cast?

   One may think that Maleficent is centralized on an evil fairy, but it’s actually about a beautiful girl cursed on the day of her birth (she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die) . This movie is not your typical type of fairy tale, it was a twisted plot of the fairy tale itself, involving a war between human being and fairies (evil ones).

   I liked the way how Angelina Jolie portrayed the role of Maleficent. How she started the character as a nice girl, then turning to an evil person, then back to being a good one.

Maleficent is must-watch movie for movie lovers out there, particulary those who are in need of fiction-writing topic.


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