A Marvelous Workshop Experience

Enrolling in a workshop was not just fun, it’s marvelous.. especially in Asian Academy of Television Arts where courses like Performing Arts (for those who want to be future actors/actresses, etc.) , Creative Scriptwriting, Personality Enhancement, and other courses you plan on enrolling, is being offered.

Taking up Performing Arts was one of the unforgettable experience I had there, and meeting new friends and getting to know new teachers/mentors that would train you and help you shape up your character and skills. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from taking this course:

Let go of your inhibitions… – Teacher Upeng (Acting class)
Don’t think that people will laugh at you or criticize your voice/Don’t let other people’s negative comments stop you from singing – Teacher Paul/Teacher Citas (Voice)
Don’t stop dancing.. – T. Jomelle (Dance)

Aside from these three classes, there’s also a special module class which is the Modelling/Makeup held during the photoshoot session, and there’s also an exposure trip where we get to watch variety shows like Sunday All Stars (January 19, 2014 at GMA) and Eat Bulaga (March 8, 2014).

Not only do I learn in these classes.. but I also learn to socialize with other people instead of always secluding or isolating myself from them.

Here are the photos of my AATA experience…

(Acting class with Teacher Upeng)

(Voice class with T. Citas)

(Dance class with T. Jomelle)

(photoshoot – March 1 and April 5, 2014)

(Exposure Trip – March 8, 2014)



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