Analysis on the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Glee s. 5

The Glee season 5 version of “Don’t Stop Believing”

Basically, this song tells about believing in yourself and your potentials. Do not let other people’s negative comments let you down or keep you from reaching your goals. It’s not what the other people say that are important, but rather what you believe you are and what you can show. There are some people who would say or even tell us straight to our face this statements: “You can’t reach your dreams” , “You’re crazy” , “it’s impossible for you to reach your dreams”, “You don’t have the potential” . There may be also times that you are thinking or telling this to yourself. Screw all these negative thoughts and replace them with : “I can reach my dreams..” , “I am blessed/gifted” , “Nothing is ever impossible” , “I have the potential…”

It doesn’t matter what people think or say about us, it’s how we see ourselves, and ask “Are these people’s negative thoughts worth pondering upon? Do I let them stop me from reaching my goals or pursuing my dreams?”

God gave us different kinds of talent and He doesn’t want us to waste what He has given us. We use it to serve/honor Him . Never mind those people who degrade you, make fun of you, criticize you in whatever you are doing!


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