Fun at PETA

Watching a musical play at PETA last Sunday with a good friend was fun. It was a showcase performance of the students from PETA, each from a different acting class like Basic Acting, CMT-1 and CMT-2.

It was a mixed variety of musical performances by each group where some were excerpts taken from a certain novel or film while some are originally made or written.

For the Basic Acting class, they had an excerpt from Noli and El Fili/Cabesang Tales , only that it was with a twist. Some characters portrayed in the play were: Damaso, Ibarra, Elias, Juli, Cabesang Tales, Sisa, Paulita Gomez, and Isagani. I was surprised to find out that our lecturer in modeling class, Ms. Jen Rosales, was one of the performers there.

Basic Acting – Excerpt from Noli and El Fili/Cabesang Tales (with a twist)

2nd Group (forgot the class name) – Love that Ended in Hatred

This was like a Juan dela Cruz type of story where a romance between a human being and an ‘aswang’ is forbidden. A male human being falls in love with a girl ‘aswang’ but fate changes when another girl enters their relationship, causing the guy to end his affair with his first love, resulting in the girls’ love turn into hatred.

Creative Musical Theatre 1

What will you do if you find out that you only have a short moment to live? Will you ever be able to turn back time just tell your loved ones how much you really love them? Each song tells about a certain real life story.

Creative Musical Theatre 2

The weather changes everyday, as well as the life cycle of every person. There are ups and downs in our life that we cannot even take control of, we cannot escape or evade changes, no matter how good or bad they may be.

It was really a nice experience. Thanks to my AATA friend, Karina Valdez, for inviting me to watch this one-of-a-kind musical performance in PETA.


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