A Movie Review: Maleficent

Watching this film made me realize: How can a villain become a hero at the same time? And how can someone who put a curse on you become your true love? Can it be possible for a curse to be undone by someone who himself/herself just cast?

   One may think that Maleficent is centralized on an evil fairy, but it’s actually about a beautiful girl cursed on the day of her birth (she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die) . This movie is not your typical type of fairy tale, it was a twisted plot of the fairy tale itself, involving a war between human being and fairies (evil ones).

   I liked the way how Angelina Jolie portrayed the role of Maleficent. How she started the character as a nice girl, then turning to an evil person, then back to being a good one.

Maleficent is must-watch movie for movie lovers out there, particulary those who are in need of fiction-writing topic.


Can’t get enough of vests

Collecting vests has been one of my hobbies or past time lately, especially when it comes to fashion. I just love collecting many vests nowadays, especially either plain or with designs like stripes. Girls wearing vests have become trendy too lately for their fashion style.

I , for one, find it fun and cool to wear vest, whether during sunny or cold season. It has become my fashion statement for now. Like any other teenagers, I would love to wear vests at almost any other place and shop for many as I could.

Cause I just can’t get enough of vests, I would shop for more with my friends whenever I have the time to bond with them (during summer) , or even with my family members. For me, a collection of vest is a must-have , a plain white or black shirt would go better with it


A Marvelous Workshop Experience

Enrolling in a workshop was not just fun, it’s marvelous.. especially in Asian Academy of Television Arts where courses like Performing Arts (for those who want to be future actors/actresses, etc.) , Creative Scriptwriting, Personality Enhancement, and other courses you plan on enrolling, is being offered.

Taking up Performing Arts was one of the unforgettable experience I had there, and meeting new friends and getting to know new teachers/mentors that would train you and help you shape up your character and skills. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from taking this course:

Let go of your inhibitions… – Teacher Upeng (Acting class)
Don’t think that people will laugh at you or criticize your voice/Don’t let other people’s negative comments stop you from singing – Teacher Paul/Teacher Citas (Voice)
Don’t stop dancing.. – T. Jomelle (Dance)

Aside from these three classes, there’s also a special module class which is the Modelling/Makeup held during the photoshoot session, and there’s also an exposure trip where we get to watch variety shows like Sunday All Stars (January 19, 2014 at GMA) and Eat Bulaga (March 8, 2014).

Not only do I learn in these classes.. but I also learn to socialize with other people instead of always secluding or isolating myself from them.

Here are the photos of my AATA experience…

(Acting class with Teacher Upeng)

(Voice class with T. Citas)

(Dance class with T. Jomelle)

(photoshoot – March 1 and April 5, 2014)

(Exposure Trip – March 8, 2014)



A Revolution, You Say?

What’s happening in the Philippine government right now is a serious matter. Some or most government officials are becoming corrupt, some of them are using the money of the people for their personal purpose.. How could these people do such a thing and enjoy spending the money of those people while they are out on the streets starving to death? What’s there to enjoy about watching these people having no permanent place to stay… seeing kids out sleeping on the streets, the sidewalks or even at the overpass? What’s with all these government officials, being involved in such scams and crimes?

   “Look down and show some mercy if you can! Look down! Look down! Upon your fellow man..” – people of Paris against the French Monarchy (Les Miserables)

    The same goes here in the Philippine setting.. to those corrupt government officials, I hope you learn someday when you soon face the consequences of what your doing, especially the corrupt practices.

    If Andres Bonifacio, the Father of the Philippine Revolution, is still alive up to this time, he would have continued fighting for the poor and hold the Revolution against the government. Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero, would have done the same thing. He revolted not with the use of arms, but with a pen and a paper way back during the time our country was colonized by Spain, exposing the abuses of the Spanish government.  Enough with the cruelty and usury of these people’s money, enough with all the corruption. Down with those who monopolize the government! Long live the Philippines!

Just like one of the fictional character, Enjolras, would have said.. “The colors of the world are changing day by day.”

YES.. that’s it! Everything changes here in the Philippines, but was it a change for the better? NO! It changed for the worst , instead. Now is not the time for playing silly games , especially when it’s about the corrupt practices of the government. If France is Enjolras’s  ‘Patria’, so is Philippines our ‘Patria’ and we ourselves must do everything to make a great change and end this corrupt practice…save ‘Patria’ !

        “Red..the blood of angry men! Black..the dark of ages past.. Red, a world about to dawn! Black the night that ends at last!” – Red and Black (Les Miserables)

            Way back during the time we were still colonized by the Spanish government and cruelly ruled by them, our national hero …undaunted by the fears he had before he was executed, bravely faced his death just for the sake of his fellow Filipino people during his execution in Bagumbayan. When Andres Bonifacio heard of Dr. Jose Rizal’s fate, he lead the Revolution, causing lots of spillage of blood of those men on the Philippine soil. They haven’t died in vain for they fought for our country. 

   “Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums…there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!”

      We are not to let ourselves become slaves to the corrupt practice of the government officials.. let the song from Les Mis become a music in us as well. We are those angry men crying out for freedom and we fight for a better life here in Philippines.


End Corruption

Philippine Revolution way back during 1896


Ain’t Nothing But Wings

Craving for something spicy but good enough for your budget? Then Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things would be a great catch for you. It’s worth your budget , as well as satisfying that it keeps you full until the end of the day that you wouldn’t even have dinner any more when you reach home.

 What I would most recommend for you guys to try is the Chilli N’ Cheese Nachos, as well as the Garlic Parmesan chicken. Their Downtown Iced Tea was refreshing as well, perfect enough for the summer heat. It’s good enough to keep your appetite to its fullest and cravings for spicy foods, even without rice. Not only are the foods mouth-watering, but the ambiance of the restaurant was nice.



fashion, making a statement

The Perks of Wearing Statement T-Shirts

Sometimes, it’s just better to let your t-shirt do the talking…when you can’t say a word .

Statement t-shirts have become a craze to some people, even teenagers/college students and sometimes, even us. We would probably see them around in tiangge/shopping stalls or even in department stores in the malls. Some statement shirts may be about self-confidence and self-esteem, freedom, and other statement you may be seeing on those shirts. But there are also some statements that may seem offensive to people who might read it so people really have to be extra careful on what statement t-shirts they buy or wear when going out.

   Some people love to wear statement t-shirts just for the hell of it or expressing themselves. Well, I consider myself a fan of statement t-shirts too, especially when I can’t express myself, I just let my t-shirt do the talking. Like : “I’m Cool , I’m Hot.. You Ain’t Coz You’re Not..” or even “Please Don’t Make Me Unfriend You (I’ll Do It I Swear)


Analysis on the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Glee s. 5

The Glee season 5 version of “Don’t Stop Believing”

Basically, this song tells about believing in yourself and your potentials. Do not let other people’s negative comments let you down or keep you from reaching your goals. It’s not what the other people say that are important, but rather what you believe you are and what you can show. There are some people who would say or even tell us straight to our face this statements: “You can’t reach your dreams” , “You’re crazy” , “it’s impossible for you to reach your dreams”, “You don’t have the potential” . There may be also times that you are thinking or telling this to yourself. Screw all these negative thoughts and replace them with : “I can reach my dreams..” , “I am blessed/gifted” , “Nothing is ever impossible” , “I have the potential…”

It doesn’t matter what people think or say about us, it’s how we see ourselves, and ask “Are these people’s negative thoughts worth pondering upon? Do I let them stop me from reaching my goals or pursuing my dreams?”

God gave us different kinds of talent and He doesn’t want us to waste what He has given us. We use it to serve/honor Him . Never mind those people who degrade you, make fun of you, criticize you in whatever you are doing!


Fun at PETA

Watching a musical play at PETA last Sunday with a good friend was fun. It was a showcase performance of the students from PETA, each from a different acting class like Basic Acting, CMT-1 and CMT-2.

It was a mixed variety of musical performances by each group where some were excerpts taken from a certain novel or film while some are originally made or written.

For the Basic Acting class, they had an excerpt from Noli and El Fili/Cabesang Tales , only that it was with a twist. Some characters portrayed in the play were: Damaso, Ibarra, Elias, Juli, Cabesang Tales, Sisa, Paulita Gomez, and Isagani. I was surprised to find out that our lecturer in modeling class, Ms. Jen Rosales, was one of the performers there.

Basic Acting – Excerpt from Noli and El Fili/Cabesang Tales (with a twist)

2nd Group (forgot the class name) – Love that Ended in Hatred

This was like a Juan dela Cruz type of story where a romance between a human being and an ‘aswang’ is forbidden. A male human being falls in love with a girl ‘aswang’ but fate changes when another girl enters their relationship, causing the guy to end his affair with his first love, resulting in the girls’ love turn into hatred.

Creative Musical Theatre 1

What will you do if you find out that you only have a short moment to live? Will you ever be able to turn back time just tell your loved ones how much you really love them? Each song tells about a certain real life story.

Creative Musical Theatre 2

The weather changes everyday, as well as the life cycle of every person. There are ups and downs in our life that we cannot even take control of, we cannot escape or evade changes, no matter how good or bad they may be.

It was really a nice experience. Thanks to my AATA friend, Karina Valdez, for inviting me to watch this one-of-a-kind musical performance in PETA.

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Better Ways to Make Your Summer Vacation Productive

Summer vacation is here again. Got nothing to do much at home other than spending your time in front of the computer? There are better ways to make your summer time productive like enrolling in workshops that will help enhance your skills or studying a foreign language.

Lights, camera and… action! Wanting to unleash your artistic side? Dreaming of becoming a stage actor/actress someday? Then I recommend taking up Performing Arts in workshops like AATA (Asian Academy of Television Arts) or PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association). Enrolling in this workshop will not only help you learn about the basics of acting, singing and even dancing, but it will also bring out the best in you and develop your personality.

Love posing and walking down the runway? Modeling workshops would probably be the best one to attend to. Recommended places for enrolling in this workshop are either John Robert Powers or even AATA (under the special module category).

For those who dream of becoming the next Ricky Lee or other known scriptwriters, then UP Film Institute is the best place for you to visit and enroll in one of their workshops. There are many other recommended workshops waiting out there for those who wanted to make their summer time productive.

As for the fresh graduates, applying for a part-time job or internship would be a better way to spend your summer time with, not only do you earn money, but you also would already have an experience on how it’s like working in a certain company.


Girls in Male Clothes

Who says that girls can’t wear male clothes?

Some girls nowadays wear or get dressed in male clothes not because they wanted to be a man but because they find it more comfortable to dress that way than wear dresses or gowns. Rarely would you also see some of them wearing girly accessories like hair pins and headbands but rather some sorts of caps like berets, fedora hats, beanie, etc.

It’s been a fashion trend for girls, especially our generation, to wear this kind of outfit, even when going out with our circle of friends or what we call barkadas. You would see lots of girls dressed like that whether in some formal events, casual friendly dates with girl friends or whatever occasion it is that they have. Need I say more?

I consider myself to be that kind of girl who loves to be dressed in male clothes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I wanted to become a manly person, but because I find it more comfortable to wear. You would rarely see me wearing dresses and girly accessories, except when needed to.